Movies you’d be surprised are about World War 2

A lot of movies have been made about World War 2. Most of them have been classics, while very few have been… *cough* Pearl Harbor *cough* …horrible. Amidst the classics, there have been a few historical films that have broken the mold. These films were still set in World War 2, but were not of the war movie genre.

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Possibly one of the greatest Hollywood romantic dramas of all-time, Casablanca had the tragic love story between Rick and Ilsa at its core, and World War 2 all around them. What makes Casablanca great is that it still resonates today ,with many of its great lines still being quoted. No other movie has more quotable lines than Casablanca.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The third and arguably the best of the trilogy (the fourth movie doesn’t count), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade had Indy, Henry Sr., and their friends racing against the Nazis in search of the Holy Grail. Nobody does adventure like the Joneses.

Top Secret

From the makers of Airplane! and The Naked Gun, Top Secret is one of the most clever slapstick movies of all-time. It centers around a young rock icon named Nick Rivers who travels across Europe during World War 2. Hilarity ensues as he tries to get away from German soldiers and ends up with the resistance.

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John Eilermann is a war veteran. For more on him and stuff he loves, follow this Facebook page.


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