How To Honor a Veteran

American veterans gave their lives to serve and protect our country. They have done all that were asked of them in their missions. We may never understand what they’ve gone through unless we were there, the least we can do is to honor them and let them know how much their service means to us.

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Here are just some of the things you can do to honor our veterans.

  1. Give them opportunities to tell their stories and be genuinely interested.
  2. Thank them when you have a chance.
  3. Visit a veteran at the hospital.
  4. Attend a Veteran’s day event.
  5. Be sensitive to what the veteran and his family, and be ready to listen to what they may share about the situation they’re dealing with.
  6. Almost, if not all veterans are kind-hearted, be honest and sincere around them.
  7. If you have a veteran co-worker, take the time to thank him.

My father was a WW2 veteran; he was my hero. I’m sure all veterans out there deserve our deepest and most sincere gratitude. After all, it feels good to express gratitude for someone.

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John Eilermann here. I am a huge sports fan. I’m very interested in everything WW2. Follow my blog to get more updates.


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