The Greatest Cardinals In History

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The St. Louis Cardinals have had a glorious history in American baseball. The franchise has had formidable teams over the decades, with dozens of legends wearing the team colors. Here are the three greatest Cardinals in history.

Stan Musial: Stan the Man, as he was called, is the greatest of all Cardinals. He won three World Series with the team, the Most Valuable Player awards, and a staggering 24 all-star nods. When it comes to all-time statistics, he leads in hits, doubles, triples, runs scored, home runs, RBIs, and walks. He is by far, the face of the franchise, for all time.

Bob Gibson: When it comes to pitchers, no other Cardinal is more revered by peers and fans alike than Bob Gibson. He was a big part in the World Series victories of the Cardinals in ’64 and ’67. His stats are nothing short of stellar. Gibson’s won 251 games with a career ERA of 2.91. He won Cy Young twice, the ’68 MVP, nine Gold Gloves, and pitched a no-hitter back in ’71.

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Albert Pujols: Pujols lead the Cardinals to two World Series victories (’06 and ’11), and was awarded the MVP thrice. He had 445 homers in 11 seasons as a Redbird. And although his legacy will be forever tainted by how he exited the franchise, people can never deny Pujol’s greatness.

John Eilermann is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. Ask him on Twitter anything about the Cardinals and be amazed.


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