How Anne Frank’s Diary Became a Valuable Part Of History

For most of us, Anne Frank’s diary was a required reading in school as we learned about literature or journal writing. But for those whose families were greatly affected by the Holocaust, this young girl’s diary serves as an enlightenment to the sufferings of the Jews.

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Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on 12 June 1929. Her family moved to Amsterdam in the 30’s because of the rising anti-Semitism move (eventually called the Holocaust) in her home country. Adolf Hitler initiated the move, as he intended to kill anyone considered Jewish. She spent her formative years in Amsterdam, but the move against Jews rose there as well. For her 13th birthday, Anne received a diary. In her journal, she wrote about her family’s daily activities as they struggled to get away from deportation to Nazi concentration camps.

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When her older sister Margot was sent to a Nazi work camp, Anne’s family members and some friends hid in an annex located above her father’s business for two years. To keep herself occupied, she spent time writing her daily musings on her diary.

The Holocaust, which overlapped with World War II, saw the deaths of millions of Jews including Anne and some members of her family. Anne was only 15 when she of typhus in 1945 at a concentration camp. Her father found her diary after the war, and had it published in 1947.

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