The greatest footballers in German national football history

When it comes to world football, only a handful of teams can compare to the juggernaut that is Germany. Only Brazil has more World Cups (5), and Italy as many (4). In Europe, however, Germany has more European titles, making the country the most successful European country in major footballing tournaments. They are always formidable. They are always focused. And they are, more often, but not always, impenetrable. Here are two of the greatest footballers this magnificent footballing nation has ever produced.

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Franz Beckenbauer

The greatest German player ever, he was part of the team that won the Cup in 1974, and managed the one that won in 1990. He was only the second person in history to win the Cup as both a player and a manager. But that wasn’t his legacy. He revolutionized and perfected the sweeper position, before the position became popular. He was a general on the pitch, and is arguably the greatest defender in the history of football.

Gerd Muller

Before he had his record eclipsed by Miroslav Klose in Brazil 2014, Gerd Muller had almost all but claimed the title of Greatest German Goal Scorer in history. He is Bayern Munich’s greatest scorer. He has the highest goals-to-games ratio. And in 1970, he scored ten times in the World Cup, with two hat-tricks. He along with Beckenbauer helped the Germans win Euro 72 and the World Cup in 1974.

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John Eilermann is a big fan of German football, having roots in Germany. For more on Eilermann and Die Mannschaft, subscribe to this Twitter page.


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