A Fan’s Opinion On The St. Louis Cardinals Losing Streak

As a huge Cardinals fan, it’s sometimes hard to accept defeat. Again. And Again. And again. But I consider myself a fair man, and I know when my team is on a losing streak.

031616-St-Louis-Cardinals-accusations.vadapt.664.high.78Image Source: foxsports.com

I can’t help but cringe when I remember the last game, when the Cardinals lost against the Brewers, 3-1. It was at the end of the game, after commiserating with my fellow fans, that I began to think about why my team seemed to have no luck at all. I thought about Zach Davies – bless his heart – who pitched eight scoreless innings despite his 6.05 ERA (earned run average). Regardless of his impressive run, the Cardinals never had a runner advance safely to second base. And then there was Brandon Moss who spent most of the game on the bench before suddenly hitting a home run, causing everyone to stand and scream. In the midst of all these incongruities, the rest of the team performed at such a lackluster pace, I couldn’t help but feel that for any lay person, this would be boring.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at St. Louis Cardinals

Image Source: usatthebiglead.com

As I was thinking about this, I realized that maybe this is a contributing factor. The Cardinals is a good team – I still maintain that – yet they are not a consistent one. Looking at their last few games objectively, all the “exciting” moments, as it were, seemed more out of luck than actual skill. Or if there was skill involved, it seemed to manifest itself sporadically.

I shared this insight with my fellow fans and they seemed to agree, although added the caveat that the Cardinals could also be going through a harsh speedbump. The team itself is a good solid team and just hasn’t been performing well these last games.

I am John F. Eilermann, a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. You can count on it that I’ve watched every single game of theirs and know every fact, figure, and trivia. I post most of my insights on this Twitter account.


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