Gerd Müller: Profile Of a Bundesliga Legend

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Every die-hard football fan knows Gerd Müller, the German football legend who holds the title of being the highest goal scorer in the history of German football clubs. Called “Der Bomber” or “The nation’s bomber,” Müller is truly a prolific athlete.

Müller was a superstar from the very beginning. He started playing football as a teenager for his hometown’s youth football club, 1861 Nördingen. He scored 180 goals for the team, an impressive feat that opened numerous opportunities for the young football star. In 1964, Müller signed with Bayern Munich where he played for 15 years. “Der Bomber” was one of the club’s top goalscorers and was instrumental in leading their team to qualify for the Bundesliga. And that’s just the beginning. Müller led the club to four national championships and made Bayern Munich one of the most successful football clubs in Germany and Europe.

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In 1966, “Der Bomber” debuted for the German national team where he scored 68 goals in 62 international matches. He also scored a total of 14 goals in the World Cup and led Germany to a World Cup victory in 1974. Müller was the first German to win the European Footballer of the Year in 1970.

There are no words to describe Müller’s football career other than stellar and outstanding. There are many great athletes, but only a few can truly stand out and become legends. My favorite teams include baseball team St. Louis Cardinals and the German football club Hannover 96. To read more about my favorite sports, subscribe to my blog.


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