Top Niche Sports for the Thrill-seeker

Many sports fans claim they know every single sporting event there is in the planet. But when asked to play a game of Lacrosse, they pause for a moment and breathe a sigh of disappointment—because they do not know what Lacrosse is.

Niche sports are games enjoyed by a select community or fans. If you’re out trying to find a new hobby or adventure, why not check out these top niche sports?


Octopush / Underwater Hockey

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Boat rowing may come off as a leisure activity for vacation-goers, but it is a professional sport. Rowing requires players to have endurance and excellent swimming skills—in case their boats fail them.

Octopush, also known as Underwater Hockey, was founded in England in 1954. Simply put, it is a game of hockey played underwater. This six-on-six game requires players to swim and hold their breaths for long periods of time in order to play well.


Caber Tossing

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Lacrosse is a game that originated from North American Indians. In a game of Lacrosse, a ball is thrown, caught, and carried with an L-shaped stick, and an end with a piece of netting in the angle.

Orienteering is a sport that requires team players to have navigation and problem-solving skills. Players use a compass and a map to get to the destination assigned. The game is great for families and groups who want a solid team building activity.

Caber Tossing
This game originated from ancient Scotland. Competitors will toss a tall and heavy caber into the air, and have it land with precision.

I am John Eilermann, a St. Louis Cardinals fan and a sports enthusiast. Check out my blog for more interesting articles on different sports.


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