Remembering a Baseball Legend: Fun facts About Babe Ruth

It has already been 100 years since George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr. made his Major League Baseball debut, yet his is still one of the most recognizable names not only in baseball but also throughout the field of sports.

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While his athletic abilities were truly remarkable, Babe Ruth was also known for his colorful and irresistible personality: He was a bit of a rebel yet he was also a warm-hearted individual. He was charismatic, and people could not get enough of him. To celebrate the life of this baseball legend, here are three fun facts about Babe Ruth:

He trained to become a tailor

Ruth’s father sent him to study at St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys when he was just 7 years old. The Catholic monks who ran the institution required boarders to learn a useful vocation. For Ruth, it was tailoring. He showed an incredible aptitude for shirt making that he was even able to earn an apprenticeship at a tailor shop within the school.

Keep cool with cabbage

Playing baseball under the hot, sweltering sun can be tough. Good thing Ruth had a solution for that: cabbage. He often wore cabbage leaves under his hat to keep his head cool whenever he was playing on the baseball field.

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A year older

For the majority of his life, Ruth thought his birthday was Feb. 7, 1984. But when he needed to apply for a passport before going to Japan after the 1934 season, he found out that he was actually born February 6, 1985. Nonetheless, he still continued to celebrate his birthday every 7th of February.

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