Hannover 96: Still Kicking at 119

Those who are close to me know that one team that is in my heart is Hannover 96. Many of you may not be familiar with the name, but for those who are into European football, Hannoverscher Sportverein von 1896, or simply 96, is one of the oldest and most famous clubs in Germany. And as its name implies, the team was founded in 1896.

hannover-fan-514Image source: spox.com

That’s right, the team has been playing for 119 years! The club was officially established on April 12, 1896, as Hannoverscher Fußball-Club 1896, as suggested by of Ferdinand-Wilhelm Fricke, founder of the Deutscher FV 1878 Hannover.

Hannover 96, which is also known as Die Roten (The Reds), is a club steeped in tradition. Although it is not as successful as FC Bayern München (25 national titles and 17 national cups!), the team has its share of glories and memorable matches throughout its illustrious history. For example, it is the first club to advance to 1.Bundesliga in 1964. In fact, the club’s promotion to the senior circuit was so well received that it set a league attendance record in its first year, averaging 46,000 spectators a game. Other milestones include the club’s 1991 win of the German Cup and its fourth place ranking in 1.league in 2010, its best league result in its long history.

889258_1_articledetail_96_Fans_wenden_sich_mit_einem_Brief_an_Martin_KindImage source: dewezet.de

So here’s hoping that the Reds will do well this 2015/16 Bundesliga season. (I am still hurting over their dismal second season performance. Imagine, 13 matches run without a win!) Its first match will be against SV Darmstadt 98. Although the likelihood of the Reds playing like the FCB this upcoming season is too far-fetched, as they say in football, anything can happen.

Hello, are you are Reds fan, too? If you will be cheering for the 96 this season, you can follow me on Twiiter for the latest club news and updates. John Eilermann is the name.


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